Support the Geiger Center Building Project

The BUY-A-BRICK project is an opportunity for you to leave a lasting imprint of your support for the Ralph Geiger Turfgrass Education Center by purchasing a paving brick engraved with your name, a family member, or the name of your club or organization. Your engraved brick(s) will be used to pave the patio area outside the Geiger Building and will support the construction.

Be part of a continuing Foundation fundraiser - BUY-A-BRICK. 

Download the Application (PDF) and submit to the NJTA office. [You can also download a Fill In Form.] Bricks are engraved and placed on the patio outside of the Geiger Center at Hort Farm II.

For more information:

Please call Cece Peabody, NJTA Executive Director, at (973) 812-6467, or contact NJTA.

Hort Farm Patio, where the bricks are placed

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